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Artisan Farms Dry Aged Beef Cellar
We are asked why we do this ? Our Dry Aged Beef product objectives & goals are simple – to continue the use of traditional mastery butchery methods that please our customer base, which we find rewarding to our objectives for being in business – Ontario, Angus, RWA, Traditionally Raised & Farm Direct – hanging beef in our cooler; is one or our passions, albeit, on a very limited basis. 

Artisan Farms Hormone Free RWA Ontario Angus Dry Aged Beef
Artisan Farms Direct Dry Aging of Beef is performed to enhance its flavor and tenderness and is used as an artisan production method by Artisan Farms because of our traditional butchery methods of superior product quality for specific customers of this costly production method. Click here for our Product Value Qualities page.

Taste experience and Product performance used for our dry aging periods of 7, 14, 21 and up to 150 days; provide benefits to certain customers in flavour, palatability & end consumer preference. We custom age the beef, for our customers.  
Again, our Dry Aged Beef product objectives & goals are simple – to continue the use of traditional mastery butchery methods that please our customer base.  

Artisan Farms Dry-Aged Beef Methods
We continue these methods as a throw-back to the methods traditionally employed by the old-style family butcher going back centuries of traditional butchery practises.  In the first twelve (12) hours post harvest, the carcass is hip-hung in our proprietary method.

This is done at room temperature to prevent cold shortening – a major cause of toughness in beef, based on traditionally believes & methods ... Then the beef is then slowly matured for 21 days in a chilled environment where both temperature and humidity are carefully controlled and monitored in the Artisan Farms Direct climate & access controlled private dry-aging cooler.

Artisan Farms Dry-Aged Beef Products
After 21 days on the rails in our Mastery Butchery Dry Aging Cooler, our beef is hand selected for the next stage in our artisan methods.. 
The Beef is either deboned, hand trimmed and vacuum packed – then fully matured in a temperature controlled chill.

Or each cut is set aside of our customers for continued aging to 35, 45 even up to 150 days in the Artisan Farms Dry Aged Beef Cellar. 
Traditional butchery craftsmanship is used throughout the process in our HAACP & Ontario Government Licensed approved plant, where product safety is guaranteed through stringent compliance with our detailed HACCP plan.

We Ultra Tender age all our products as our very basic Artisan Methods are based on our traditional principles of artisan no rush, centuries old methods – including our Ultra Tender Process. Click here for details.

Dry Aging … we have set aside the rail section of our cooler for dry aging and can offer both our retail & foodservice customers;

  • FULL Rail Ribs – brisket on or off,
  • FULL Long Loins, Short loins prepared for your specs,
  • FULL primal Quarters &
  • FULL Sides aged to your timing specs,
  • Chuck, Rib, Loin & Round – we DRY AGE all sections on the rail in our aging coolers.  

Artisan Farms will custom DRY AGE products that suit your customer’s needs.  We have set aside a Swinging Beef section of one of our coolers - so please allow us to select your customers our Ultra Tender Dry Aged Swinging Beef !! 


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